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First, in case you didn’t know,…

What is VoIP Sofware?

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, allows you to have voice calls, like when you use a telephone or mobile, across the Internet. This method is increasingly used as people are finding that you can make calls to other paces, even countries, freely by using their computers at home. Without having to go through their local telephone company and just using their connection to the Internet is saving them the extortionate charges that has long been charged just for talking on the phone.

It does require a good Internet connection to be able to do this, but increasingly the speeds at which home or commercial connections to the Internet are increasing and the costs falling.

However, people are still using their normal telephone service as well as a VoIP service because there are just a few more barriers to overcome. For instance, emergency services and telephone directory services are still in the domain of the normal service. This is changing through as more VoIP services are adding these features.

So anyone looking for VoIP will be looking for free VOIP software to take advantage of it. We will be gathering this information together over the coming months to be the best information source for this.

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